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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Doha Bank’s Al Dana Green Run welcomes over 2,500 visitors including 2,000 participants


Participants and visitors, included families and people of all ages attended the Green Run which featured entertainment and fun activities for the whole family


Doha, 25 November 2012 - Doha Bank hosted a special edition of the Al Dana Green Run community fun and awareness event on Saturday (24 November 2012) to commemorate Qatar hosting the United Nations Climate Change Conference in November.

The event welcomed over 2,500 visitors, including 2,000 race participants and is the most successful Al Dana Green Run ever held. The 8th installation of Al Dana Green Run was held at Aspire Zone and race participants ran a 3-km course set around Khalifa Stadium and its surrounding facilities.

Doha Bank Group Chief Executive Officer Dr. R. Seetharaman said: “Al Dana Green Run has grown considerably over the years and is today one of the most prominent green initiatives that Doha Bank organises and supports. We expect the next edition in 2013 to be an even more resounding success as people benefit from the great value of corporate, public and personal commitment to protecting the environment. Every small commitment, be it using sustainable green technologies, or just optimising resources like water, energy and even food, makes a difference and Doha Bank is committed to supporting the future sustainability of our world.”

Every year, Doha Bank strives to make the green run an event for the whole family and there was a range of activities and entertainment options for families and people of all ages adjacent to Khalifa Stadium.

There were eight categories of races: races for men and women aged 35+, 18+ and U-18 respectively, as well as one for people with special needs and a special category for professional runners. Participants received both recognition and prizes for their participation and performance.

The special edition of Al Dana Green Run on Saturday was an opportunity for the people of Qatar to demonstrate their commitment to environmental causes which are particularly important today. The Bank encouraged everyone to demonstrate commitment to the country’s pioneering role in the Middle East of working towards making a difference in our communities as well as bringing the world together to promote dialogue and achieve consensus on such an important global subject.

The winners of each category are listed below:

Professional Athletes Category

- Barry Khamees

- Mahari Reedi

- George Sereima

- Sisayta Fra

- Garldlisa Shmada

Doha Bank Staff

- Mohd Ahmed Ebrahim

- Waleed Ismail Murjan

- Hamoudi Abu Kamal Mohammed

- Sherif Ebrahim Jad

- Mohammed Saqr Al Anzi

Men 35 and above

- Adel Hafeez

- Hussain Zaynar Kaatan

- James Huston

- Flavio Do

- Koltar Micheal

Men 18 and above

- Muhsen Al Zaytoni

- Abdul Ghani Lardo

- Mohammed Saeed Abdelhady

- Ousama Fnoun

- Abdulla Younshi


Men below 18

- Tareq Hadadi

- Musaab Adam

- Abu Baker Haider

- Savian Nazqanan

- Ahmed Qaaed Mohammed

Women 35 and above

- Claire Petres

- Sara Anne

- Wendy

- Anne Varnish

- Vicky

Women 18 to 35

- Rebecca Butrasha

- Jessica

- Majolina

- Asma Sayegh

- Madeline Ricca

Women under 18

- Hiral Gardawal

- Biyknsh Sitanun

- Minseo Jang

- Angel Theresa

- Hala Wash




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