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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

The Official Sponsor of the honorary ceremony for the participants in the Environment Day of Qatar

The Board of Directors of Doha Bank is keen to exert all efforts needed to support environmental development, which will eventually support the development drive in the country as a whole. Therefore, Doha Bank will sponsor the ceremony held for honoring those who participated in making the events of the Qatari Environment Day a success.

Mr. R. Seetharaman, Acting General Manager of Doha Bank said that the Board of Directors of Doha Bank is always keen to keep Doha Bank as one of main pillars supporting the development in the State of Qatar, which has been given a distinguished status worldwide in the field of preserving the environment and natural reserves. The Supreme Council for the Environment is playing its role in encouraging all agencies, organizations and citizens alike to preserve the environment. Accordingly, one of the main priorities of Doha Bank was to sponsor this ceremony, which is the culmination of the efforts of companies, organizations and the media exerted with the a view to making the activities of the Qatar Environment Day a success.

On this occasion, Doha Bank would like to thank all the organizers of the Qatari Environment Day for choosing Doha Bank as an official sponsor for this national event which has been launched under the motto: Because we care for the environment. Doha Bank also looks forward to increasing its role in preserving the environment and supporting the endeavors of other national organizations aimed at curbing the deterioration of environmental systems and preserving the changing as well as the unchanging resources. It is customary for Doha Bank to find itself occupying a distinguished position in the programs drawn up for celebrating the Qatari Environment Day for this year as it is at the core of the strategies designed for protecting the health and safety of humans as well as their environmental security.

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