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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Green Quiz 2007 sets the pace for Corporate Responsibility towards Environment

Combining ‘Environment Protection’- the cause championed by Doha Bank with the community building programs through quizzing, Doha Bank Green Quiz 2007 is a trendsetter in the State of Qatar. The threats of Global Warming and Climate Change were showcased in a series of clips and through active quizzing.

In association with the Qatar Green Centre, Green Quiz 2007 was organized by Doha bank at Doha Sheraton Hotel, Al Majlis Hall on the 20th of June 2007. The event was well received, with over 160 teams registering via the website- . Leading corporate organizations including Oil and Gas majors participated in an educational and entertaining quiz program.

The evening started with a note from Mr. Abdulla bin Mohammed Al Kuwari- The Director and General Manager of Qatar Green Centre. He briefed the guests and audience on the environmental risks faced by our planet. He also explained about the formation, objective and projects undertaken by the Qatar Green Centre towards a GREEN and CLEAN QATAR.

“Green and Clean Qatar” national campaign organized by the centre every year has volunteers from ministries, corporations, companies, banks, students and other local organizations. The centre also contests for the most beautiful and green School Gardens, House Gardens etc with total prize money of QR 1.2 Million.

In concluding, Mr. Al Kuwari thanked Doha Bank for organizing such an enlightening quiz and the participants of the quiz. He also handed over a Memento to Sheikh Abdul Rehman Bin Mohammed Bin Jabor Al Thani, Managing Director and CEO.

Mr. Seetharaman welcomed the participants and expressed his delight at the way corporate houses of Qatar has responded to the quiz. The Quiz Master Mr. Seetharaman donned a costume which incorporated a symbolic depiction of Global Warming and Climate Change in the form of a python and alligator respectively. The audience was made aware of these global threats in a entertaining and informative way. He also expressed his concern and the initiatives taken by Doha Bank to champion the cause against Global Warming.

The event was conducted in two stages. In first stage all teams undertook a written preliminary test consisting of 20 questions to be answered in 15 minutes. Based on the performance at preliminary round, top 5 teams were selected for finals. The final round was conducted on stage. There were 5 rounds named – The Living Planet, Senses (Multimedia round), See (Static Visuals Round) and Survival of the fastest (Buzzer Round) .

he Quiz had an interesting mix of questions from very diverse topics related to environment. In addition there were many questions exclusively for audiences also.

Multimedia questions included clips from Oscar Winning Documentaries, excerpts from the ‘Bangladesh concert’ by George Harrison and clips of endangered species.

Mr. Seetharaman assumed the role of quizmaster for the evening.

The teams were aptly named after the most important geological entities of our planet earth- ARCTIC, SAHARA, HIMALAYA, AMAZON and PACIFIC.

The competition was very intense, as just 5 points separated the top 2 teams.

The ultimate winners were TEAM ARCTIC – Srividya Karthik and Karthik Sitaraman followed closely by TEAM PACIFIC- Arnab Senguptha and Ranjith Bhaskar.

Mr. Abdulla bin Mohammed Al Kuwari and HE Sheikh Abdul Rehman Bin Mohammed Bin Jabor Al Thani gave away the cash prizes to the teams.

3 Special cash prizes were give to the winners of the Quiz-by-SMS competition-another pioneering concept by Doha Bank.

The event finally concluded with dinner.

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