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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

8 Qatar schools receive prestigious ECO-Schools Programme Awards from Doha Bank


  • Annual programme aims at encouraging students and schools across Qatar to contribute to environmental protection
  • Doha Bank launches new ECO-Schools logo to better reflect programme objectives

Pressing ahead with its mission to groom a new generation of environmentally responsible citizens, Doha Bank today presented eight schools in Qatar with the ECO-Schools Programme Awards in recognition of their commitment to address environmental issues that impact their school and the community.

The ECO-Schools Programme Awards are handed out annually by Doha Bank to recognize schools that play an active role in propagating eco-consciousness amongst students and which demonstrate a high degree of innovation and creativity in successfully completing their green projects as part of the ECO-Schools Programme.

This year, Doha Bank unveiled a new ECO-Schools logo to better reflect the programme’s core objectives. The new logo artfully represents, in many distinct colors and forms, the four categories under the ECO-Schools Programme – the blue "D" sign of Doha Bank represents the “Water Management” category and the importance of water in our lives; the green leaves represent the “Environmental Health” category and serve as a reminder of the importance of nurturing Mother Nature; the yellow sun represents the “Energy Saving” category and its significance in sustaining life; while the overall freeform shape, denoting the ‘Waste Management” category, is a symbolic representation that human beings should take care of the environment, including the waste they generate.

Aimed at assisting and encouraging environmental education for students, the Programme presents schools in Qatar with the ECO-Star Trophy in different categories.

Four schools were awarded the ECO-Star Trophy in the “Energy Saving” category: Birla Public School for their ‘Energy Saved is Energy Produced’ project aimed at educating students about the importance of saving electricity and water; Pakistan Education Centre for their ‘Save the Energy’ project that sought to create awareness among the students about the disadvantages of fluorescent and incandescent bulbs and the need to replace such bulbs with LED lights; Philippine International School Qatar (High School) for their ‘Energy Saving Campaign’ project to enhance students’ environmental awareness; and Al Ahnaf Bin Qais Independent Preparatory School for their ‘Save Lights for Dark Nights’ project that encouraged students to explore varied and creative ways to save energy.

The ECO-Star trophies for the “Water Management” category went to Philippine School Doha for their ‘Water and Plastic Bottle Waste Management’ project; and to Philippine International School Qatar (Elementary) for their ‘Water Management’ project to promote water conservation practices.

Al Tamakon for Comprehensive Education received the trophy in the “Environmental Health” category for their innovative ‘Create Bio-System’ project, while in the “Waste Management” category, the trophy was awarded to Shantiniketan Indian School for their ‘Best Out of Waste’ project.

Commenting on the ECO-Schools Programme Awards, Dr. R. Seetharaman, CEO of Doha Bank, said, “At Doha Bank, our commitment to environmental stewardship goes beyond adopting green practices internally and extends to spreading the conservation message among various segments of society. The annual ECO-Schools Programme is a key pillar of our endeavor to sensitize future generations to the importance of sustainable living. In adopting a conservation-first approach, and in encouraging children to become environmental advocates at a young age, the programme helps students and schools reduce their carbon footprint while contributing to building environmentally responsible citizens for a better tomorrow.”

“I congratulate all recipients of the 2016 ECO-Schools Programme Awards and I hope the students that participated in the programme this year are able to sustain their commitment and continue using their creativity to find solutions to the environmental problems plaguing their school and their community,” he added.

ECO-Schools is an award programme that guides student action teams within schools on their journey towards sustainability by providing a framework to help embed these principles into the heart of school life. It offers flexibility, allows creativity and encourages innovation on how the school plans to transform itself into becoming an eco-friendly institution.

Schools anywhere in Qatar can join the programme free-of-charge -

The ECO-Schools Core Process is very simple. Schools are asked to create a framework for student action and to make a commitment to the ECO-Schools Committee. Once approved, the schools implement the action plan. The Committee later monitors the progress made and awards ECO-Stars to successful schools and projects.

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