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Wednesday, October 20, 2021


Doha Bank is the prime Bank in the Middle East on the forefront of environmental advocacy against global warming and climate change, local air and water pollution, waste management and loss of biodiversity. It supports environmental sustainability and education by reaching out on both the public and private sectors to act together on domestic and global environmental issues, key challenges and sustainable development.

Eco-consciousness was integrated into Doha Bank's daily operations through knowledge sharing, paperless banking and awareness campaigns on social responsibility to gradually instill the value of 'green culture' within the organization and ultimately towards the environment and the society. It also embarks to cultivate the young minds by visiting schools and educate them on environmental responsibility to make them green advocates at a young age.

Doha Bank works closely with the government, NGOs, other institutions, Corporate clients, private sectors and civil society with the aim to reduce harmful effects to the environment.

The Bank is vision-driven supporting its future activities, progress and expansion with more diverse portfolio by integrating environmental and social considerations into its product design, mission policy and strategies. Initiatives were taken in two parts, the environmental and the social responsibility initiatives respectively.

Environmental initiatives such as paperless banking, energy efficiency and recycling programs were in place. Green Accounts are Doha Bank's answer to a proactive approach on eco-friendly banking towards its drive for a cleaner and greener environment by promoting the concept of 'Paperless Banking'. The environment is protected by giving FREE access to customers to do banking transactions through Internet Banking, SMS Banking, Phone Banking and ATM Banking. Bank statements will be sent directly to the customer's e-mails thus reducing paper consumption and saving the trees. An innovative product whereby customers can do their banking transactions online, i.e., electronic bills payment, funds transfer, send money back home through the E-Remittances, online shopping through Doha Sooq and a lot more.

Green cards made from non-PVC plastic will be launched soon where all communications in respect to the card will either be sent through online channels or recycled paper. A portion of the loyalty points will be donated to a worthy cause by donating funds to charitable institutions, environmental NGO's and for the green cause of the Doha Bank's Planet Savers Club.

Campaigns through ATM machines were implemented by showing the following messages in the ATM Print display screens: 'Please join us in saving the environment by selecting 'NOT' to print the receipt. Would you like to print a receipt?' In this way, the customers are educated to minimize or eliminate unnecessary printing of receipt and encourage the public's cooperation towards the Bank's drive in greening the environment.

The new Doha Bank HO Tower at West Bay Area, Doha, Qatar is designed to be energy-efficient with the new dimming systems for gradual take off and shutdown of lighting upon movement sensors, air conditioning variable frequency, transparent glass partitions to let natural light pass through and reduce heat as per the cooling requirements are just some of the modern technologies incorporated in the new infrastructure for the LEED Certification.

Mr. R. Seetharaman, Doha Bank Group CEO said, 'Branches and HO Departments were encouraged to practice energy efficiency in their respective premises by switching off the lights, air conditioning system and other office equipment when not in use, conserve water, car pooling, eliminate usage of non-biodegradable materials, encourage recycling and proper waste disposal and buying of fair-traded and environment-friendly goods. These are small steps that will make a big difference'.

He added, 'Doha Bank is promoting the concept of 3 R's: Reduce, Re-use and Recycle within the organization. For efficient use of paper resources, the organization implemented the use of inter-office mail reusable envelopes, established a baseline for white paper usage, reduce unnecessary photocopying and printing, encourage double-sided printing and copying, etc. These are just some measures introduced on paper utilization. Doha Bank also tied-up with Paper Recycling Company to further utilize its waste papers and save trees'.

Social Responsibility initiatives focuses on seminars, knowledge sharing and awareness; support for cultural events, e-Newsletters, educational visits, charitable donations and similar activities. On behalf of Doha Bank’s dedication to the environmental cause, Mr. R. Seetharaman conducted a series of seminars across the world. At Ritz Carlton, Singapore on 6th September 2007 on 'Global Warming and Environment Protection' then, on 21st October 2007 at Ritz Carlton, Washington D.C. on 'Global Warming and Climatic Change -perspective on Corporate and Social responsibility'. Also conducted Green Quiz at the Doha Sheraton Hotel on the 20th of June 2007 to educate and create awareness on Global environmental issues. Furthermore, Doha Bank and UNESCO are looking for opportunity to work together in Greening the Environment through a knowledge sharing session that was held on 30th March 2009.

Promotional flyers, brochures, mupis were designed with a catchy phrase, 'GO Green with Doha Bank! It's simply the right thing to do!' A dedicated Doha Green Bank website will be available on the internet showing the Bank's various initiatives taken, planned activities, projects, products and services. It also includes other environment-related articles and video clips. Planned activities are lined up for 2009 such as Tree Planting, Adopt-a-Beach campaign, Recycling and Waste Management programmes.

Moreover, Doha Bank is taking a leading position in the Middle East as it is the first bank in the region to propagate a 'green' culture and was awarded the Best Green Bank 2008 Industry awards from The Banker Middle East. Recently Doha Bank was recognized and awarded by the Green Qatar Centre for its proactive participation in the National campaign on Qatar green and clean.

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