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Tuesday, December 07, 2021

Doha Bank Acknowledges 13 Schools at Annual ECO-Schools Awards Ceremony

The initiative encourages students across Qatar to create innovative projects in four main environmental categories

Building on its constant Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts in the field of environmental awareness, Doha Bank, one of the largest private commercial banks in Qatar, announced the award-winning schools at the awarding ceremony of the 8th edition of its annual ECO-Schools program held at March 7th. During the ceremony which took place at the Doha Bank Tower, the Bank honored schools and students who worked on projects to raise awareness on the pressing environmental issues and implement environmental sustainability practices.

ECO-Schools Awarding Ceremony

The program which crowned 13 winning schools across Qatar, spans the following 4 categories: ‘Environmental Health’, ‘Waste Management’, ‘Water Management’, and ‘Energy Saving’. Under the ‘Waste Management’ category, 6 schools were acknowledged for their innovative projects. These included DPS-Modern Indian School for their “DPS MIS Waste Management” project, Birla Public School for their “Reducing Food Wastage (SDG No. 2 & 12)” project, Pakistan International School Qatar for their “Old Tire New Life” project, Shantiniketan Indian School for their “Waste Management” project, Stafford Sri Lankan School Doha for their “Reduce, Recycle & Reuse – The way to the future” project, and Qatar Turkish School for their “Best Out of Waste” project.

Meanwhile, 3 schools were awarded for their ‘Water Management’ projects, which are: Al-Ahnaf Bin Qais Independent School’s “Save me a drop, my life won’t stop”, Olive International School’s “Let’s all do our share to save water with care”, Doha Modern Indian School’s “Save Water Save Life”. As for the “Energy Saving” category, the honored projects were Gheras International School’s “GIS Energy Savers” and Rajagiri Public School’s “Save the Energy”. Similarly, the following two schools were recognized for their creative projects in the category of “Environmental Health”: Philippine International School Qatar – Elementary for their “Urban Garden in PISQ” project and Philippine International School Qatar – High School for their “Green Wall @ PISQ” project.

Dr. R. Seetharaman, Group CEO of Doha Bank, said: “Doha Bank has always been at the forefront of promoting environmental conservation and sustainable practices, and our ECO-Schools program stands as a shinning example in this regard. Today’s award ceremony is indeed a culmination of our persistent efforts to spread awareness about the eco-friendly measurements, particularly among young children who are our hope for a better ecologically sound future. Indeed, this initiative is crucial for implanting the concept of environmental protection in the minds and the hearts of the youngsters as part of their educational process. Therefore, if we are firm about our resolution to have an eco-friendly society and to reduce the carbon footprint on the world, those students should be educated about the environmental cause and how to garner their talents and collective capabilities towards improving the environmental status quo.”

Underscoring the importance of the Doha Bank’s initiative, H.E. Ivonne A. Baki, ambassador of the Republic of Ecuador to Qatar, said: “I believe that it is essential to implant the principles of the environmental conservation and sustainable development in the young Qatari generations. The best way of achieving this is by early teaching them the impact of pollution on the environment and ways they can follow to protect it for greener horizons for them and the future generations who should cherish the unique natural heritage within Qatar.”

Mr. Braik Ali H S Al- Marri, Chief Retail Banking Officer said, “This awarding ceremony is to celebrate and acknowledge the efforts of our young children to save the environment and preserve our natural resources. This year, our ECO-Schools Program proved effective once again in mobilizing young talents and abilities to create innovative environmental projects that would help build a better future for the next generation, which is one of the underlying pillars of the Qatar National Vision (2030). The initiative falls in line with our CSR efforts seeking to apply a positive change in the society, with the environmental cause being at the top of our priorities. In addition, we are striving to instill a sense of responsibility in our children towards the environment, familiarize them with the environmental issues, and encourage them to adopt eco-friendly practices. This year’s projects focused on various key ideas for waste recycling as well as water and energy saving, which could have a substantial effect on improving our environment if implemented.”

The ECO-Schools program targets schools at Qatar and students form varied age groups, aiming to inspire them to create a positive impact on the environment, while enhancing their creativity, critical thinking, and team-work skills along with their knowledge on the environmental issues and the eco-friendly measures. As such, the Doha Bank’s initiative seeks to nurture students’ talents by encouraging them to launch projects that address the various environmental problems.

Doha Bank’s ECO-Schools program provides substantial opportunity for children to become environmental advocates. Schools anywhere in Qatar can join the program free-of-charge via this link: To join the program, each school is requested to create an action plan and present it to the ECO-Schools committee for approval. Once approved, the schools implement their action plans which are later evaluated and awarded by the committee.

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