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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

DOHA BANK and UNESCO Environmental Alliance

Doha Bank and UNESCO signs a Partnership Agreement on 4th February 2010 at UNESCO Headquarters, West Bay, Doha, Qatar which was attended by Mr. R. Seetharaman, Doha Bank Group CEO; Dr. Hamed Al-Hammami, UNESCO Representative in the Arab States of the Gulf and Yemen, Director of UNESCO Doha; Dr. Benno Boer, UNESCO’s Ecological Science Advisor in the Arab Region; Mr. Mark Sutcliffe, UNESCO’s Project Assistant - Natural Sciences, Mr. Saleh Souror, Secretary General of the National Commission, Doha Bank Management, other guest and dignitaries.

Doha Bank and UNESCO decided to work together as a Team in various environmental programmes by which both institutions can orchestrate together a partnership in greening the environment and actively promote the “green” culture. Eco-schools initiative will be developed in response to the need to involve young children in environmental projects and make them environmental advocates at a young age. The project aims to increase students’ awareness on environmental and related sustainable development issues. Other projects include Waste Management, Beach Clean-up and Tree Planting amongst others.”

Sheikh Fahad Bin Mohammad Bin Jabor Al Thani, Doha Bank’s Chairman said that, “Doha Bank and UNESCO Partnership will further strengthen Doha Bank’s mission and vision to protect our environment and reduce our carbon footprint towards achieving carbon neutrality. Doha Bank continues to develop more energy-efficient products and services. Our leadership and contribution in this field has garnered the Best Green Bank in the Middle East, Best Public Awareness Campaign from Qatar Today and getting recognized by the government for our active participation in Qatar Green and Clean projects which clearly reflects our dedication and commitment to the environment. We have redefined our goals and objectives towards a greener path and taken proactive measures in addressing the global warming and climate change issues.”

Sheikh Abdul Rehman Bin Mohammad Bin Jabor Al Thani, Managing Director said “Doha Bank has been a leading bank in Qatar and was the first to converge banking, technology, environmental and social responsibility into customer centric innovative products and services, we were the first to introduce all electronic services in the market and enjoy a variety of accolades. We have the Green Accounts which promotes the concept of paperless banking and can greatly reduce petroleum-related carbon emissions, Go Green Credit Cards made from eco-friendly materials and contributes 1% of your spend towards a green cause, Doha Sooq for online shopping, DFast E-Remittances and DB Remit for online fund transfers and Doha Green Bank website, a green portal which creates public awareness on a wider scale.”

Dr. Hamed Al-Hammami, UNESCO Representative in the Arab States of the Gulf and Yemen, Director of UNESCO Doha said, "We have had an ongoing dialogue between UNESCO and Doha Bank since several months now because we believe that these kinds of cooperation with the private sector are an absolutely essential element in our overall strategy to generate good and fast progress within the mandate of UNESCO. It is also worth noting that this year is the UN-declared International Year of Biodiversity, which marks the 2010 Biodiversity Target aiming to significantly reduce the rate of biodiversity loss by this date. Together with Doha Bank we will pay special attention to issues regarding the environment in Qatar, based on two of the strongholds of UNESCO: the natural sciences and education, continuing to play our part towards achieving this goal."

Mr. R. Seetharaman, Doha Bank Group CEO, said “Doha Bank is proud to have UNESCO, an international organization, be our Partner in Doha Bank’s drive towards greening and cleaning Qatar. The Partnership will have a positive contribution to the environment through the collaboration of education, science and culture to further promote social and environmental responsibility. As a forward-thinking and socially responsible bank, we continue to embrace sustainable business practices to satisfy customers and promote strong environmental stewardship. Even from within the organization, we have taken measures to instill the value of green culture among the staff through various eco-related activities. Doha Bank also arranges green activities that include the Annual Al Dana Green Run, Green Quiz, Green Seminars and Conferences, Recycling, Beach Clean-up, Tree Planting and more. These are small steps which will make big difference.”

“We must do our part to conserve the ecological balances globally. The need to develop environmentally and economically sustainable businesses is becoming stronger, so that the globe remains a healthy place to live for everyone. We need to strive towards investing in approved and UN-compliant clean energy carbon credit programs. Investments made now in clean energy projects represent the future and will be a hedge against possible oil-deflation prices as well as profit-generating on their own account.” he added.

Dr. Benno Boer, UNESCO's Ecological Sciences Advisor in the Arab Region said, "Doha Bank and UNESCO jointly supported the Doha Green Conference, which took place in Doha, Qatar, at the Moevenpick towers in December 2009, together with their partners, the Friends of the Environment Centre and Sesam, and UNESCO's National Commission. Together with Doha Bank, we will continue focusing on urban environmental issues, and towards the development of models and good practices. We believe in the empowerment of young people and that their environmental creativity will lead to good results and the continuous enhancement of our common environment. We are looking forward to generating visible and measurable long-term impact together with our trusted partners, and we encourage others to join us."

Doha Bank is one of the leading banks in Qatar and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region, actively expanding its branches network throughout the region. It has a proud record of providing exceptional services and innovative products to customers. This record reflects the traditions of our culture, and is one, that endeavors to pioneer and continue being in the forefront of making a lasting positive impact on the environment and sustainable development.

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