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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Doha Bank, Unesco reflect on their ECO-School drive


Doha Bank said yesterday that along with Unesco it has taken significant steps towards the establishment of ECO-Schools in Qatar, which are to run for a trial period of one year – with around 50 schools participating.

The success will be measured and documented, and, if feasible, the programme will be opened to all schools to participate voluntarily based on their own individual ideas and creativity. The participating ECO-School will be encouraged to demonstrate good environmental practices, and to improve their environmental foot-print on an annual basis.

This can be done via a multitude of completely different ideas, ranging from photographic contests, theatre plays, installation of environmentally friendly devices, creating awareness, and better management of water, energy, and waste in schools.

Unesco and Doha Bank embarked on their joint initiative inspired by a teacher from the Doha English Speaking School, Steve Wilkinson, who brought the idea to them. “We aim to officially launch the initiative before the end of this year, and we anticipate about 50 schools will participate in the first test-round,” Unesco Doha Office director Dr Hamed al-Hammami said. “After that we will evaluate the initial results with our partners and the Unesco National Commission in Qatar, and decide if and how to continue,” explained the official who is also the Unesco representative in the Arab States of the Gulf.

Al-Hammami observed that without the strong strategic partnership with Doha Bank, which was cemented during the Doha Green Conference in December 2009, Unesco would not have been able to develop this important activity.Doha Bank Group CEO R Seetharaman, said that Doha Bank is fully committed to this long-term partnership. “We are also looking forward to developing an Arabic version of the Global Map and explanatory text of Unesco Biosphere Reserves, and an Arabic version of the Travelling Exhibition of the International Year of Biodiversity,” he added.

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