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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Doha Bank’s Al Dana Green Run 2012 focuses on wild life preservation and environmental protection

“Get set, ready and go” , so let us Gear up for Al Dana Green Run 2012, Doha Bank’s seventh consecutive run, which takes place in Doha on January 28.

Doha Bank CEO, Mr. R. Seetharaman said “Doha Bank is committed to promote the global cause for saving the environment continually throughout the year. The Green Run is just one of our major campaigns which is aimed to raise awareness and motivate people to do something about it even as they go about their daily lives. Every bit counts.”


Mr. Seetharaman also expressed his appreciation to the Ministry of Interior and thanked Colonel Mohammad Sa’ad Al Kharji, Head of Traffic and Patrol Department for their continuous support which is the key for the success of these events. Mr. Seetharaman continued that, “Along with promoting the global cause for saving the environment, we are also keen to promote Traffic Awareness and Road Accident Prevention and we are proud to act as a socially responsible organization that guides the community in Qatar though such events.”

Colonel Mohammad Sa’ad Al Kharji, said “We are proud to be associated with the Green Run initiative by Doha Bank and will extend our full support to ensure that this event is as successful as the past year’s events.”

What is AL Dana Green Run? It’s a 3 kilometers Run to raise awareness of wild life preservation and environmental protection. Professionals and homemakers, men, women and children, sports enthusiasts and members of various socio-cultural groups will be joining us in this day .There are five categories in the race for men and women above and below 18 years as well as for people with special needs. Participants will be entertained with many fun competitions for adults and children before the start of the run, also they will be many prizes will be awarded and adding to the fun and enjoyment is a live entertainment shows and activities. So you and your family can have a wonderful time and a memory to remember.

The run also reinforces Doha Bank’s green message as the bank to have introduced the very first Green Account in Qatar, wherein all banking transactions are done through electronic channels, thus rationalizing the use of paper. Being pioneers of promoting Green in the region it also introduced the Green Card, where in customers accumulate loyalty points and contribute it towards green causes through international organizations.

Last year in Al Dana Green Run more than 1500 people of diverse backgrounds gave their resounding support of Doha Bank’s green causes by their overwhelming participation in the annual Al Dana Green Run.

This Year AL Dana Green Run will be Held beside AL Saad Club On 28th of January, 2012

Spread the word out to your friends and family. Join the race, be fit and support for a Greener Qatar!

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