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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Al DANA Gold Captivation, Desirability and a New Life

Countless persons have found the will to carry on in 2011 with undivided confidence of winning 10.11Kilograms of pure Gold. Well enough, it paid off for Mr. Islam Mohammady Sayed Abdelaal, who has finally earned what he has been waiting for since seven years now, a pact of life placed in a crystal box of sparkling Gold.

At the communal Al DANA Green Run event which gathered more than 15 hundred people, the black velvet curtains unveiled the 10.11Kilograms of Gold that made people astounded. This was the first time ever a massive gold heft was brought to a winner under the sun in Qatar and the entire region, perhaps in the world. It was like Hollywood spectacle with security guards carrying the gold on stage and people trying to take a glimpse of it. We can simply say that AL DANA Gold was the queen on the cat walk.


With delight and quavering hands the winner held the gold and said: “AL DANA has changed my life forever. Now I have dreams I would have never been able to attain or even dare to think off. Al DANA made it happen! Sobhan ALLAH”.

The sunset at 5:00 a.m. embarrassed that 10.11 Kilograms of Gold shinned brighter than it did on that day which the winner described as splendid.

When asked for a testimonial statement, with a smile that said a million words, Mr. Abdelaal invited all people to invest with Al DANA and wished great luck for all Al Dana customers for the New Year.

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